Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Classwork / Homework

Just Home from the Market, 14 x 18

I painted this one in class this morning.  I actually steered immediately away from the tulips as I walked in; on Tuesday I'd painted a small group of tulips at home and wiped it off just as I finished--it wasn't clicking.  Those who paint with me know I am terribly fearful of painting flowers--so no surprise to me that I nearly ran from them in class.  Because Laurel challenged us to do something "unexpected" with the composition, I chose to confront that fear, and was rewarded with a result I'm really happy with.  It may be the one I donate to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center Art Auction.  I can't think of a name for the life of me, so it remains--untitled.

One and Only, 6 x 6

I took a souvenir home from class and painted it this afternoon....

-julie davis


Carolyn Finnell said...

Congratulations on facing your fear. They are both great. I love the simplicity of the single tulip, and the composition of the group is dynamic. How about "Tulip Troupe" or "The Crush" or maybe "Uncommon Rabble" for a title.

Trish Siegel said...


julie davis said...

Thanks, all! Carolyn, I appreciate the title suggestions--this one was hard for me--though I love "The Crush!"

Laurel Daniel said...

This turned out absolutely beautiful!! Great idea for the auction as well! They will be so lucky to get it!!!!