Thursday, February 26, 2009


Gentle Giant, 9 x 12
There is a certain simplicity to trees, not in painting them, certainly, but in their very nature. They have a spirit about them, and as I paint them, I'm learning they can even seem to have a personality.  If that can be discovered, and then captured, then you've done the tree justice.

-julie davis


John Weisinger said...

I know this tree! I think many people look at a painting like this one and it brings back memories of a tree they knew intimately. This tree reminds me of a very large pecan tree that was on the top of a hill on our ranch that as a child of 4 I remember my father and uncles baling hay under it with a stationary baler. I was put under a wagon in the shade where I could watch them. That picture is burned into my minds memory.

Laurel Daniel said...

I know this tree too! It was in our family friends' front yard with limbs that hung so low we could hide under them...

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

I know this tree too. This was a huge maple tree that dominated a field behind my uncle's cottage on Lake Mazinaw in Ontario. In summer it looked like your painting, in the fall it was a blaze of orange and red. 20 years later the field was consumed in pine, and the tree deep in forest. You do an important job when you paint a tree, especially the way you paint.
Be proud.


Jeb said...

The colors are great in this one!