Sunday, October 6, 2019

A moment in Maine and Vermont

I now understand the appeal of a real, on-time, colorful September fall. As a Texan, I know a long, hot summer, and I always appreciate when fall finally decides to reach us, but some lucky people get it way earlier than we do in Austin. Obviously, theirs comes with a long, hard winter, so I can't say I'd trade them, but real fall in September is terrific, and feels really, really good!

Since my husband and I are living in New York this fall, we've tried to explore areas that are relatively close. So, we took a long weekend drive to Maine and Vermont last weekend, and I took my plein air pack and thoroughly enjoyed the times I got to unpack it and paint.

The photo above is in Kennebunkport, Maine, down by the docks where they bring the lobster pots in from the morning fishing trip. While I was painting these lobster buoys, a couple of fishermen walked by and struck up a conversation with me. One told the other I was "memorializing McDougall's buoys." I guess I was. I sure enjoyed the piece.

This is near Manchester, VT, at the covered bridge near Norman Rockwell's home, and below is my process on a gorgeous barn near Barnard, VT.

I could've stayed for days and painted this barn from many angles. The autumn foliage was the icing on the cake. I got a lot of photos and sketches, and hope to get to painting more on this unique structure when we're home. For now, I'm back in NYC painting on the rooftop!

-julie davis


Barbara Muir said...

How lovely! You’re so close, you should come up to Toronto.

julie davis said...

I know! There is so much to do up here we could be here for a year! Not sure I'd make it through winter, actually. Sorry I haven't been responding to comments--I just found out I wasn't being emailed the comments for moderation--I reset that and should get them going forward! You are the best, Barbara!