Monday, September 30, 2019

A really good weekend in New York

with my piece, Texas Trifecta, at the opening

With family schedules and artists' balance sheets, it is hard to take advantage of many of the opportunities associated with various art associations' national shows. They never seem to be nearby, so I don't typically attend even if I've been fortunate enough to have a piece juried into one.

The American Impressionist Society's 20th Annual National Juried Show was different. My husband and I are living in New York this fall (long story), and the show was held at the historic Salmagundi Club minutes from where we are living. I applied and held my breath. And got in.

I immediately registered for everything AIS offered for attending artists, and boy, did it pay dividends! I knew this would be a popular show--who doesn't want to spend a fall weekend in NYC? And Kevin Macpherson was the judge and was doing a demo one night. Derek Penix and Michelle Dunaway did demos as well--we had a tour of the Utrecht paint factory, a presentation on the history of British Impressionism, and a paintout in Central Park, not to mention several cocktail receptions at the club (always a hit). 

Bottom line, and this may seem obvious, but you get out of art associations what you put into them. I met artists I'd known only over social media, and made new acquaintances with whom I know I'll keep in touch. One of my biggest supporters and NYC resident, collector, and photographer Ken Ratner, even came to the reception--Ken--your support means so much!

The best part? Receiving BEST IN SHOW for the plein air paintout competition among AIS members in Central Park with "Signs of Fall!" A complete surprise and a huge honor!!!

Signs of Fall, 8 x 10, oil on panel

Painting at the Bow Bridge in Central Park, NYC

Panel discussion at the Salmagundi Club with Derek Penix,
Michelle Dunaway, C.W. Mundy, and Debra Joy Groesser

Barrels of oil paint at the Utrecht paint factory in Brooklyn

Cerulean Blue...

Gesso being mixed -  biggest mixer I've ever seen

Peter Trippi's presentation on British Impressionism

In front of the Salmagundi Club

Derek Penix and Michelle Dunaway doing demos for the attendees

Some old palettes and a piece from the club

Awards night--truly a great weekend!

-julie davis

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