Thursday, January 29, 2015

Old Garage, study

Old Garage, study
6 x 8 in., oil on panel

The sun is out again and it feels so much like spring in Austin it's as if we're being teased.  The strong shadows on this old garage really make me crave more of this warm weather, but it looks like we'll have a cold, wet weekend.  I'm not complaining, though--we'll take any water we can get!

-julie davis

*And an update on my camera.  Right now I'm using a small Olympus because my Nikon's autofocus had completely quit.  I wound up having to send it off somewhere cold for repair.  Hopefully that fixes all its odd behavior!

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Barbara Muir said...

Somewhere cold -- Toronto? Am I reading this right? I love this one too, and hurray for the sun. We've had snow, but I can't complain -- it's been a deliciously dry January.