Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sketches in Tuscany

Blogging while traveling isn't something I've mastered. Today, though, I've posted a thumbnail sketch I made in Tuscany, where we've been fortunate enough to be for a bit. I know I say nothing new when I describe the area as beautiful in every direction, but truly, there is a painting in every direction. While we're busy touring, I'm finding some time in the late afternoons to sketch, and am taking loads of photographs. Sorry for the lack of paintings lately, but the sketches will have to do for a while.



Laurel Daniel said...

It's great that you are getting time to sketch in that beautiful place! Can't wait to see more. OXOXO

Kathy Cousart said...

Wonderful for you to get to go to Tuscany! Have fun and soak in every moment. Can't wait to see paintings from you from there::))

Denise Rose said...

Great opportunity for you! I am at Watercolor now and I keep thinking of your paintings you have done from here. No painting for me this week but I am taking some photos too for future use! Have a fabulous trip!

Denise Rose said...

Great trip for you and I hope you have a fabulous time! I am at Watercolor and I have thought of you often and the paintings you do from here. I keep seeing this area by the lake and I know you painted it before. fun!