Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Ranch Road

Old Ranch Road, 6 x 8

Another from my day of many paintings. I was working primarily on still lifes that day, but really had to do at least one landscape.

-julie davis


Kathy Cousart said...

Love this one- the way you painted the road is just right for an old ranch road. Like the way it disappears over the hill. Great job!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I'm glad you did this landscape! I love the journey down the road, over the hill... and there's no *snow*.

Linda Popple said...

I'd like to follow this road into your painting. Beautiful!

Barbara M. said...

Superb. What an astoundingly wonderful day of painting you had. this is just beautiful.


Kay said...

beautiful painting. I love a dirt road!

Denise Rose said...

This is really fantastic! I love dirt roads too. Reminds me of living in the Mississippi Delta when I was a child.