Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lookout

The Lookout, 6 x 8

This is a blatant attempt to study the bovine form. A very small form. :) Sketching and drawing cattle (like anything) is a fantastic exercise, but conveying animals convincingly with as few brushstrokes as possible is something one can practice only with a brush. This bull seemed to be looking off in the distance as if he heard something he might want to warn the others about. Not that cattle ever seem to care that much....

And I must mention some very exciting work will officially be part of a three-person show at the Davis Gallery (no relation) here in Austin in April! The opening reception is April 9. I'm very excited about the opportunity and will be hard at work, so forgive me if I don't post quite as regularly for a bit...I'll be laser-focused.

-julie davis


Denise Rose said...

Love these cows! I am going to have to come to Texas and paint some cows! I know we have them around here somewhere but yall also have those beautiful fields for them to roam around in. Great job on the painting them though!

And CONGRATS on the show! So fun and I know it will be a success for you. Lots of work ahead but the fun kind!

Kathy Cousart said...

Congratulations on the Three person show. That is wonderful and well deserved.

Love this painting. You painted the cow/bull so well. I had been wondering the same thing- how to paint one and have it be recognizable without too much detail but not just a blob. In other words, great job on it not looking like my blobs! ha:)
As always, a beautiful landscape. Just love the tree, harmony of colors and the sky!

Barbara M. said...

Congratulations and this is a superb painting as always. Fabulous.

Best of luck with all of it. I wish I could be there in April.


Karen Bruson said...

Love how you painted the tree.