Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winding Creek

Winding Creek, 6 x 8

I love the grasses around here in the fall. They're full and wheat-colored and move with the breeze.

I'm busily preparing for a three-woman show that opens Dec. 1 here in Austin at Wendow Fine Living. I've got everything ready to frame and will work on that this week....then must be ready for Thanksgiving, as my husband and I are hosting his family this year. Gotta finish!

(If you're in Austin on Dec. 1, please stop by from 6-9. Wendow is located at 1512 W. 35th St. Cutoff). I'd love to see you!

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

A beautiful painting. I was looking at tall grasses that colour when we drove to Windsor a week ago. So glorious. Now that would be something to show up at your opening. I will one day. Congratulations and have a super thanksgiving and great show.


julie davis said...

Oh Barbara, wouldn't that be a kick! The sad thing about having blog friends is that you only ever meet a few of them. Someday!

carol morgan carmichael said...

Man oh man, do I love this painting! Great mood and COLOR.

julie davis said...

Thanks, Carol! It's a favorite of mine, too.

Amanda Jones said...

Lovely piece! it has a great painterly quality about it.

Marilyn said...

The grasses are especially beautiful with the rain we've had this year. What delicate clouds, subtlety is one of your many strengths, Julie.