Friday, September 4, 2009

Peaceful Grove

Peaceful Grove, 6 x 6

This grove of trees had a most unusual shape. I've been longing to try a "mass" approach to a composition, and this offered the opportunity (it's from a photo I took on our trip to CA in July). Fridays are my longer paintings days, and I was able to get two finished in my three hour window. This was the first. On a side note, Austin finally got some rain tonight! Happy Friday.

-julie davis


Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

This is a masterful (Ms. terful) work.
So glorious. See what I mean? What you? Intimidated. Go for it. You are soooooo good.


John Weisinger said...

I was impressed with how much your painting looked like the photo when I saw it this morning.

John said...

You've only been painting since 2006? Nice painting, she must be a good teacher. Was the painting toned in red?

John Kelley

julie davis said...

John, I usually do paint with a canvas/panel toned in Indian Red. This one was. And yes, Laurel Daniel is an amazing teacher! I took two classes from another teacher in the fall of 2006 and didn't try again until Laurel's class in the spring of '07. I haven't stopped taking her classes since then, and since Jan. 30 of this year I've painted almost every day, which I think is a fantastic habit for me. Definitely check out Laurel's blog--she's a wonderful person, painter, and teacher.

Laurel Daniel said...

Oh my goodness... I was coming here to say how much I love the "grouped mass" composition (which is masterfully accomplished here btw)... now I must add my deepest thank yous for the very kind words above.

And John, if you see this, Julie's work is so delicious because SHE is so good (not to mention that she is the best kind of student to have: hardworking, dedicated, serious... it's the fruit of HER commitment that you see here.)

julie davis said...

Aww, gee.....thanks, Laurel--you really are most amazing.