Sunday, September 27, 2009


Outnumbered, 8 x 10

I'm looking forward to painting and posting again in earnest. We had a tragedy in the neighborhood last weekend, and painting could not be a priority.

This afternoon I thought I'd work at what Laurel was asking us to do in class--studying value shifts in local color. I wasn't after creative color or composition, or accuracy of detail, and admittedly, the tennis and golf ball subject matter was not the biggest challenge I could've set out for myself. However, conveying a sphere in paint is fun for me, and that's what I needed today--straightforward and just happy. So I pulled out some of my daughter's practice golf balls and an old, flat tennis ball, and set them out on my table. I did enjoy this one, and got some practice seeing the value shifts in different variations of white. Since the golf balls were old, some were more yellow, while some leaned blue or gray. It felt great to push some paint around again, and I learned a good bit in the process.

-julie davis


LSaeta said...

It sounds like you have had a tough week. Sorry to hear that. I know when I sad last week when my son went to college the last thing I could do was paint ... Funny how that works.
I like this one.

Trish Siegel said...

Great job with the value shifts, and clever as well. Love the title! My dog Paco seems especially interested in this one. It was great seeing you on Saturday. Thanks for coming out on what I know was a very hectic weekend for you. It means a lot.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Julie,

When you "push some paint around" it sure looks wonderful. I like the muted nature of this. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a tragedy in your neighbourhood.

Please take care of yourself.