Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fenceline Grove

Fenceline Grove, 6 x 8 in.

Sincere apologies for the inconsistency in posting lately. We have sold our house and are moving! In town....but hectic doesn't quite describe the last few weeks. I'm trying to get my painting legs under me again, and am most excited that I'll have a larger studio--a whole room all my own. Things might be a little off and on for the next few weeks, but I'll post when I can and know that I'll be consistent again soon.

This little painting was from my Idaho trip--this old fence just blended into the trees along it. With a lovely field adjacent, it caught my attention.

-julie davis


Denise Rose said...

You will love having the space and it will be great after all the work of the move! Very nice painting! I love what you have been doing with the trees!

Laurel Daniel said...

Lovely all around - the field, the fence, the trees... nice, nice, nice. That you are posting at all in the middle of a major move is impressive, my friend! May it all go smoothly (and quickly.)

Pam Holnback said...

As always, great trees. Have fun w/ the moving!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Beautiful color and wonderful feel! Love all your tree series, as well as the previous one with the cattle . . . they are tiny but so perfect!

Barbara M. said...

I was sure I commented and said that I love this. I do. But I don't know what happened. Sometimes it seems thoughts disappear.

Wonderful work. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I am grateful that you are a painter.

XO Barbara