Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tom Miller Dam

Tom Miller Dam, 9 x 12 in.

Today I had the good fortune to go out painting with my good friend, Laurel Daniel. Both our schedules are nuts right now, but we managed to find a cool spot for a quick painting under the Red Bud Trail bridge (unbelievably, the high in Austin today was 100, so we were fortunate to be out early). I hadn't painted the dam before, though many times I've painted looking the opposite direction, down river. This dam was completed in 1940, after two other dams had proved incapable of holding the floods the Colorado River can produce. It's a sight I pass frequently, as I cross the bridge countless times each week.

(the painted sign reads: DANGER Automatic turbine action may release swift water any time without access beyond cable at all times).

-julie davis


Stephen Parker said...

Really nice, Julie. You really get a sense of depth between the overlapping masses.

Laurel Daniel said...

Great perspective and composition in this... and color and brushwork. Really nice. AND, I loved being out painting together in the "cool" of the morning (okay, in the "cool" of bridge shade). Just what the doctor ordered in this busy season! :)

julie davis said...

Thanks, Laurel and Stephen! I can't believe we found such a spot on a day that reached 100. So glad we did it.

mary maxam said...

Stephen's right, really good depth. This had to be a difficult composition and you've done it very well.

Barbara Muir said...

A super painting. Those warnings aren't a joke either. I know a girl whose boyfriend died when a damn released water.