Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Cinco, 6 x 8

My girls all take Spanish in school, and our middle daughter tends to intersperse bits of it into our conversation pretty often (which is good because it helps me learn Spanish, too). This painting was going to be named "Five," but at the last moment, the Spanish word for "five" felt right. I have to attribute that to her influence. :)

-julie davis


Linda Popple said...

Love your loose brush strokes and the abstract quality of your painting!

Peter Lee said...

I like this a lot!
Strong composition.
Bold brush strokes.
Mature color scheme.
One question: why "Five"?

julie davis said...

Thank you, Peter. You may not have noticed, but there are five cows...two on the left in the distance at the horizon line.

Anonymous said...

A great composition...and the touch of cows in the distance..i really like.