Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dog Trot

Dog Trot, 10 x 8

Today our plein air class met at a park in central Austin--this historic dog trot house was adjacent to the playground. (A dogtrot house is basically two log cabins with a breezeway between them under a common roof. The breezeway provided a cooler covered area for sitting, and I guess, a space through which the family dogs could trot!) I painted half of it--go figure.

-julie davis

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Barbara Muir said...

Hi Julie,

As a child I went to a cottage with a breezeway every summer. It was our dining room. We sat at a huge table with birch legs, and an oil cloth and and were outside in all weathers even though it was completely screened in.
It got mighty cold by the time we closed it up in October. This lovely painting brings all of that back.

Thank you.