Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hill Country Restaurant

Hill Country Restaurant

You know your favorite restaurant.  The one where they make that dish you crave, that has the perfect atmosphere, where you see happy, familiar faces, or where you can almost always sit outside?  When our family visits Kerrville, Texas, that place for us is a downtown corner spot called Francisco's.  The blue umbrellas are closed in this cloudy-day painting, but most of our meals there are eaten underneath one of them.  The building is an old one, brought up-to-date to make a cozy, happy place to eat out.  

-julie davis

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Evening Commute

Evening Commute
9 x 12 in., oil on panel

After a fairly lengthy absence from posting for me, I offer this.  Evening Commute was born of a trip to California last summer--I posted a warm-up for it a few posts back (In the Tall Grass).  I painted this one, a 9 x 12, at the start of this month.  It's been a long absence from posting, but I think over that period I've developed some confidence about my painting style that I attribute to time, practice, and a modicum of success when I needed a shot in the arm.  I feel really good about this one, and I want to keep it to remind me of where I want to be.  I hope you like it.

I hope to post more regularly going forward--many goals for the new year, and much to accomplish!  Thank you for following. :)

-julie davis